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Upright Intensive Care Unit Ceiling to Floor Patient bed can be mounted on the right or left side. The inner frame is made of electrostatic painted sheet metal profile and the outer part should be completely covered with aluminum plate or profiles.

Upright Intensive Care Unit front and back sections should be covered with flat electrostatic painted 2 mm aluminum sheets and sides should be made of aluminum round section profiles with electrostatic powder paint.

The medical gas sockets must be connected to the installation in the front of the unit with 2 metal casing each and the connection of the Medical Gas Sockets to the installation must be welded through NIST Connector Hoses.

To connect the Medical Gas Outlets to the installation, each unit must have a 3-gas Valve Box and must be on the top and rear side of the unit near the ceiling and have a glass and locked lid.

The unit must have a grounded electrical outlet, 12 of which are on the right and left sides, 4 of which are on the front.

All Electrical Installation There should be an Electrical Distribution Box at the back of the unit and near the Valve box in the area close to the ceiling and all the Electrical distribution should be done through the Automatic Fuses.
There will be one Monitor Stand on the top of the front cover. The Monitor Stand will be made of Aluminum Profiles and will be adjustable up and down on the unit.

There will be 5W night light at the bottom of the unit.

On top of the unit, one RJ45 Data socket should be placed for Monitor connection and one RJ11 Wire Socket should be provided.

10.The unit must be equipped with a hygrometer and a digital clock on the upper side, indicating room temperature and humidity.

11. There should be an acrobat lamp and foot on the unit.

12.Unit Aluminum sheets and profiles should be anodized in all natural colors, but if desired, it should be possible to be painted with electrostatic powder paint in various colors to be selected from the RAL catalog in the electrostatic system.

13. Units shall be CE Certified and shall be clearly written within the scope of the Certificate.

14. Manufacturer and producer companies shall have ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate and the scope of the work shall be clearly written on the certificate.

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