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Vacuum power plant The basic elements of the central station, designed for the consumption capacity of the hospital, and the related technical specifications shall be as follows;
*** The basic elements forming the central station should be composed of at least the following units.
Vacuum Pumps
Bacteria Filter group
Vacuum Tank
Electrical Control Panel with Digital Display
Vacuum manometer and other fittings should be.

Vacuum pumps should be designed to provide 580 mm / Hg vacuum pressure in the system with the required vacuum flow rate as a result of drawings and calculations.

Vacuum pump manufacturer must have ISO 9001 certificate. Vacuum Pump capacities should be as specified in the exploration and projects.

In case the system is not working, at least 2 or more vacuum pumps will be installed to meet the calculated vacuum needs of the hospital. The number of vacuum pumps used should be specified in the exploration and projects.

Pumps can be rotary, rotary vane oil-ring or oil-free pumps. Water-ring pumps with external feed water will not be accepted. Pumps will be directly coupled to the electric motors.

Operation Vacuum Level shall be provided to operate between -400 and -580 mm Hg.

Bacteria filter group will be placed between the hospital line and the Vacuum Plant. The filter group will be composed of 2 filters with By-Pass circuit and 99.99% efficiency will be ensured from the filter. Empty bottles will be placed for each filter.

The filters shall be connected to each other with conical records for ease of replacement and maintenance.

The operation of the electrical control panel shall be capable of directing the following operation.

Electrical Control Panel should be digital display and Transducer controlled. Pump operation and cut-off vacuum levels must be entered separately for each pump on the front panel and can be controlled up to max. 4 pumps. In order to ensure that the pumps run at equal hours, there should be an alternative operating system which selects which pump starts first and whose replacement time can be set in days.
As the vacuum is used from the installation, the sensor should feel the vacuum reduction (transducer), display it digitally and the pump selected at the set values ​​should be activated automatically, ensure the desired vacuum level and be automatically deactivated.
If the vacuum level is low in the first start cases with the reserve tank empty in the case of overload or expenditure, the system must rapidly start up all the pumps, regardless of the position of the main selector switch, to provide the required vacuum level. As soon as this level reaches a certain value, the selected pump remains in operation and the backups are automatically deactivated in turn. Thus, the single pump must be switched off after achieving the maximum vacuum requirement.
There should be a digital vacuum indicator on the panel and a button that can select Automatic and Manual operation mode and touch buttons to enter the vacuum values.
In addition, a separate illuminated Alarm indicator must be integrated for each pump to indicate that the pumps are activated or stopped, or if malfunctions occur.
In the event of a failure in the electronic control system, the system must be able to be put into Manual operation mode, and in the Manual operation mode the relay should be controlled by a separate sensor (transducer).
Depending on the maintenance cover, the main input switch and the emergency STOP button must be provided on the panel to turn off the system in case of emergency.
All of the above mentioned features should be automated with contactors, thermics, and other electrical circuits.

Vacuum Tank is calculated at 4 atm. It must be pressure resistant.

10. Vacuum Power Plant must be CE Certified and should be made in accordance with International Standard ISO 7396 norms and must comply with Medical Device directive 93/42 EEC and this product must be written within the scope of CE Certificate.

11. Manufacturer and producer companies must have ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate and this product must be written in the scope of the certificate.

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