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What is Intensive Care Unit?

It is used in intensive care rooms with medical gas outlets and electrical outlets and provides lighting to the room. There is a rail for medical equipment and accessories on the upper and lower parts of the front surface. It is the aluminum unit or unit where the necessary medical equipment used during medical intervention is placed on the medical gas installation equipment.


About Intensive Care Unit

Intensive care units are divided into Horizontal type Intensive Care Unit and Colon type (Vertical) Intensive Care Unit. In Intensive Care Patient Rooms, or in intensive, reanimation, emergency intervention, Colon type intensive care unit is used vertically at the head of patient beds. In vertical intensive care units, the monitor stand can be rotated up to 60 degrees to the right side of the intensive care unit. gas sockets are on the side facing the patient bed and the electrical sockets are on the back side. It provides comfort to the personnel working with the medical equipment basket. Intensive Care units contain the important devices used in patient care rooms. Electrical sockets in the horizontal type Intensive Care Units are in the upper channel and medical gas 6 medical gas outlets, these gases oxygen outlet compressed air gas outlet 4 bar, compressed air gas outlet 7 bar, nitrogenprotoxide outlet, carbon dioxide outlet, nitrogen outlet, vacuum outlet, vacuum gas outlet, anesthesia evacuation outlet, agss outlet, ags socket, vent Medical gas outlets such as medical gas outlets such as ri gas evacuation outlets, 12 electrical outlets and 2 usb inputs.It adds elegance to night vision with upper and lower led lighting.Horizontal type intensive care unit, monitor stand in intensive care rooms, horizontal intensive care units are mounted next to the monitor stand with wall-mounted hanger slides. Medical gas equipment such as medical flowmeter, flowmeter, vacuum regulator, vacuum jack, oxygen jack, nitrogen jack, venturi gas evacuation, oxygen atomizer are connected. Intensive care units are designed according to the size of the room to provide comfort and easy access to personnel during medical intervention to patients.


Tecnomed Intensive Care Unit Technical Specifications

Intensive care unit ducts are made of 7000 series aluminum extrusion.

Easy opening side covers for copper piping

12 "Schuko type" grounded socket UPS

Earthing nodule, 6 pcs

RJ45 data socket, 2 pcs

- Mounting Holder for Oxygen Outlet, 2 pcs

- Mounting Holder for Vacuum Outlet, 2 pcs

- Mounting Slot for Medical Air 4 Bar Socket, 2 pcs

Accessory rail along the unit, 10x30mm, 2 pcs

Electrostatic paint process in selected colors



Intensive Care Unit Technical Specification

1. The ducts in the Horizontal Type Intensive Care Unit should be extruded from 7000 series aluminum material.

2.The side covers of the Intensive Care Unit should be designed to be opened easily.

3. A 10x30 mm accessory rail must be made at the top and bottom of the front of the unit.

4.Alluminium surfaces should be drawn with anodized coating or painted with electrostatic powder paint in RAL colors to be chosen according to demand.

5. Electrical sockets should be mounted to the main body as solid and insulated. Electrical cables should be at least 1.5 mm thick than fireproof cable.

6.Medical gas sockets should be mounted to the main body of the unit with at least 4 trapezoidal 4 mm screws and its strength should be tested.

7. Sockets on the unit ’’ Schuko type ’’ grounded sockets should be installed on the main body, 12 electrical outlets, 6 on the right and left sides.

8.Unit cover should be interlocked, no screws should be used. The covers should be designed proportionally and proportionally to each other and should provide convenience in the dismantling and installation process.

9. Intensive Care Units are CE certified and clearly written in the scope of the document.

10. Manufacturer and contractor companies shall have ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate and the scope of the work shall be clearly written on the certificate. The document must be submitted with the tender documents.

11. Manufacturers and contractors must have ’TSE Service Qualification Certificate’.

12.The ducts in the unit should be suitable for copper pipe installation.

13. Intensive Care Unit Iso13485 The Iso13485 should be designed in accordance with the standards of medical directives.

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