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The system should consist of units that will send the high pressure coming from the Tubes or Liquid Oxygen plant to the Hospital installation by reducing the pressure to the Hospital Oxygen line. At least 1 year of maintenance and 5 years fee for the system parts must be given a guarantee of availability and this guarantee must be delivered by the company to the hospital management with an official document or letter.

There must be a fully automatic control panel which can be fixed in two-part place or wall mounted in the oxygen plant. The upper part of the Control Panel should be the Electronic Control and Instrument Panel and the lower part should be the Gas Control Section with High Pressure and Second Pressure Regulators. liquid input. Should the pressure in any of the right or left group drop to a pressure below 7atm, it should be able to switch automatically between groups without manual intervention. Automatic changeover between groups should be pneumatic. Both groups should be connected to high pressure regulator separately and regulators should have 120m3 / h flow capacity. The materials used in the regulator should be resistant to high pressure and should be made of chrome plated brass or stainless steel material. The regulators should operate independently of each other and be designed to ensure that one of the regulators fails or does not shut off the gas to the hospital during maintenance. Automatic safety valves must be installed in the control panel to prevent the pressure reduced by the high pressure regulators to rise and damage the installation in the event of a malfunction. These valves must be set to risky gas pressure and should release excess gas in case of rise. After High Pressure Regulators, there should be 2 second Pressure Reducers which will reduce 2 redundant Gas Pressure to Line pressure. Line Pressure to be given to hospital should be fixed and set to 4 Bar.

The control panel must have visual and illuminated indicators mounted in an independent panel. These gauges should indicate the line pressure and the high pressure coming to the regulators, which light bulbs on the panel should be understood at first glance. The Digital Indicator on the Control Panel will feel the pressure in the tube groups by means of separate and independent high pressure sensors (transducers) on both sides. on the digital display. In addition, the line pressure should be observed again by means of the pressure sensor and the desired pressure should be displayed by pressing the button on the front panel. Which tube group is active and when the tube group is empty, when the tubes are changed and the Line Pressure goes above the set values, the alarms will be displayed again. The pressures inside the right and left tube groups and the pressures on the automatic changer should also be displayed on the front panel with analog gauges.

Control Panel should be controlled by Electronic Cards and communication of the Plant with other units and Alarm Panels should be provided with RS485 protocol. In addition, it should have the necessary infrastructure to connect the Control Panel functions to the Building Automation System.

The tubes must be connected to the panel by grouping with a tube connection ramp. There must be a separate manifold for each tube to be connected to these tube ramps. Manifolds should be check valve system and gas flow to the tubes should be prevented. Manifolds must be made of high pressure resistant brass material forged. The connections between the manifolds must be made by means of copper pipes. Copper pipes should be Medical Type seamless high pressure pipes. Welded joints should be made with silver alloy welding wires.

Any impact, shake etc. of the tubes. In such cases, they must be fixed with tube stabilizers in order not to fall and damage the system. The tube fasteners must be provided with chain links to fix each tube separately.

Flexible connections between tubes and manifolds should be made of high-pressure seamless copper pipe. Tube and manifold screw connections must be made of brass material. Welded copper pipe with screwed connections should be with silver alloy welding. Each of the flexible connections must be individually packaged and unpacked during assembly.

The Oxygen Plant must be CE certified and comply with the medical devices directive 93/42 EEC. It should be written clearly within the scope of the document.

Manufacturer and producer companies shall be ISO 9001: 2000 certified.

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