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The Bedside Unit Medical Gas Installation and Electrical Installations must be made of extruded first quality aluminum profiles consisting of three closed sections where they can be pulled separately.
The main body of the Patient Bedside Unit should have a duct at the bottom of which 95x22 mm medical gas pipes will pass and the medical gas pipes coming from the unit flow must be connected to the sockets in the unit through the opening of 80x80 mm size for the passage of these pipes. brass blocks and medical gas sockets must be connected to each other by means of high pressure resistant hoses with NIST connection, so that welding inside the patient unit should be prevented. Moreover, the unit should be easily removable.
The main body profile, which has three different channels, should be mounted on the wall mounted aluminum slides with a snap and a bottom cover, an upper cover and a front cover should be completed with aluminum profiles and the aluminum cover should be closed again with the side cover reading lamp and related installation. The top cover should cover the top of the lighting and the related installation, and have 2 acrylic windows for the 60 cm 1x36W Flourescent Lamp illumination.
The front cover profile should be in the middle section reserved for medical gas installation and to close the Electric Telephone and Nurse Call units. Gas Sockets and Electrical Sockets installed in the middle compartment should be installed on two separate sides and at a minimum distance of 20 cm from each other. A mechanical barrier should be formed from aluminum. Gas pipes and electrical installations should be connected to the patient unit by means of windows opened to the factory on the main body separately.
Electrical Sockets must be installed in metal cases and main body with the help of this case. Never any electrical armature should be mounted on the covers and should not be on any electrical armature when the front or bottom cover is removed.
All detachable covers must be connected to the ground on the main body with a ground wire.
All aluminum profiles should be anodized in natural color, but if desired, they should be able to be painted with electrostatic powder paint in various colors to be selected from the RAL catalog in the electrostatic system.
Unit covers shall be of the type that can be easily removed and installed, and they shall not be attached to the body by screws.
Electrical connections shall be made of fireproof cable and cable terminals shall be plug-in type, terminals shall be Low Voltage (LV) and Signal and Telephone (SELV) and cable sockets shall be easily removable.


10. Patient Bedside Units are 150 cm for single, 300 cm for two persons and 450 cm for three persons and each patient will have the following services on it:

1 pc Oxygen Outlet-NIST Connector with Hose Connection
1 pc Vacuum Outlet with NIST Connector and Hose Connection
2 pcs Grounded Electrical Outlet
1 pc RJ11 Telephone Socket
1pc 1X18W Bottom Reading Lamp
1pc 1x36W Top Lighting Lamp
1 name Nurse Call Button
1pc Multi-function Hand Set (Functions Nurse Call System
Technical Specification)

11. Units shall be CE Certified and shall be clearly written within the scope of the Certificate.
12. Manufacturer and producer companies shall have ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate and the scope of the work shall be clearly written on the certificate.

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