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The Horizontal Type Intensive Care Unit must consist of two aluminum channels with a minimum cross-section of 120x55 mm and the above-mentioned Electrical Services shall have the Medical Gas Outlets at the bottom.

The main body trunks of Horizontal Type Intensive Care Unit should be connected to each other and device hanger rails made of anodized aluminum material on the top and bottom should be fixedly mounted.

Medical gas outlets must be welded to the installation and exited from the unit on the right or left side of the unit.

There should be electrical services on the upper side of the two aluminum channels and the lower channel should be reserved for Medical Gas Outlets.

Electrical Sockets must be installed in metal cases and main body with the help of this case. Never any electrical armature should be mounted on the covers and should not be on any electrical armature when the front or bottom cover is removed.

All detachable covers must be connected to the ground on the main body with a ground wire.

All aluminum profiles should be anodized in natural color, but if desired, they should be able to be painted with electrostatic powder paint in various colors to be selected from the RAL catalog in the electrostatic system.

Unit covers shall be of the type that can be easily removed and installed, and they shall not be attached to the body by screws.

Electrical connections shall be made of fireproof cable and cable terminals shall be plug-in type, terminals shall be Low Voltage (LV) and Signal and Telephone (SELV) and cable sockets shall be easily removable.

10. Units shall be CE Certified and shall be clearly written within the scope of the Certificate.

11. Manufacturer and producer companies shall have ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate and the scope of the work shall be clearly written on the certificate.

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