Medical Oxygen Plant

Medical Oxygen Manifold System 35m³

Medical Oxygen Manifold System 35m³


It is a unit that reduces the high-pressure oxygen coming from the tubes to provide the desired pressure value of the oxygen needed in hospitals.

35 m3 / h tube gas plants are generally used in areas such as hospitals, health units, and laboratories where gas needs are low.

The oxygen plant is the most important building block of hospital medical gas systems. By regulating the 230 Bar pressure coming from the tubes, it ensures that the pressure is reduced to the value that must be sent to the system. The oxygen plant reduces the high pressure coming from the tube to 8-10 bar pressure with the first stage regulators. Later that, in the second stage regulators regulate the reduced gas pressure again and bring it to the desired final pressure value. Oxygen power plants are manufactured with emergency lines and backup supplies by medical standards. The oxygen plant is fed by the manifold ramps the tubes are connected. Both ramps are connected to the oxygen plant. When the oxygen level of the used manifold ramp is reduced to 8 bar, the system would automatically switch to the other manifold ramp whereby the change-over in the unit. The low pressure and high-pressure sensors on the unit are connected to the digital alarm panel and the emergency alarm is activated, if the gas pressure value of the system became a possible low or high-pressure level. At the same time, together with 7 bar safety valves on the power plant, when the system pressure rises above 7 bar, the discharge is automatically opened, preventing the danger of the oxygen copper piping installation. The amount of the oxygen pressure level in the system and the cylinder filling rate can be visually monitored on the digital alarm panel screen.

Various sources such as system tubes, manifold, oxygen generator, liquid oxygen tank can be fed. In this case, the system with 2 regulators is increased to 3 regulators. Besides, priority can be assigned to the system. For example, if there is a liquid tank in the system, the system primarily uses a liquid tank until the liquid tank is finished. If the liquid tank is finished, it passes to the right and then the left ramp.

Our Tecnomed Oxygen Plants have RJ 45 outputs. It transmits all information to the main center via Cat 6 cable. There are 3 different language options and adjustable upper and lower alarm points.

Technical specifications

-2 Pieces of 50 m3 / h High-Pressure Regulator

-2 Pieces of safety valve

-6 Pressure gauges

-2 Pcs 50 m3 / h Low-Pressure Regulator

- Locked adjustment bar

-9 Oxygen Valves

-Manufacture according to medical standards EN-7396-1

-Change - Over

-Digital Alarm

-LCD Display

-Two high-pressure switch inputs

-Two low-pressure switch inputs

-RS 485 data output

-Audible and visual alarm

-Low-Pressure Sensor

-High-Pressure Sensors

-Optional Equipment

-Safety valve

-Emergency Supply Socket

-Drain Valve

The oxygen power plant's high-pressure regulators are made of brass. Oxygen regulators have working pressure in the range of 0-330 bar.

Low-pressure regulators on the power plant have working pressure in the range of 0-16 bar.

The unit is mounted on a base made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel raw material electrostatically painted or made of 304 Chrome.

Oxygen plant is produced with backup as the first and second stage. In case of possible failure of the main stage or when the amount of pressure (tube filling) decreases, it provides the transition to the reserve stage with the changeover

All valves on the oxygen plant are produced according to medical standards. Medical gas valves are connected with Teflon gaskets.

All transitions on the system are provided by brass pipes and gears. A Teflon gasket is used between each pass.

There are by-pass medical gas valves against the breakdown of the changeover in the oxygen plant. There are nine medical gas valves on the system.

Thanks to the low-pressure sensor and high-pressure sensors, the gas pressure of the manifolds, liquid tank, and system can be monitored visually and sensually from the digital alarm panel.

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