DIN Norm Pressured Air 7 Bar Gas Outlet

DIN Norm Pressured Air 7 Bar Gas Outlet

DIN Norm Pressured Air 7 Bar Gas Outlet

DIN (German Standard) Compressed Air 7 Bar Medical Gas Outlet


  • Medical Gas sockets are installed at the final delivery points in the medical gas pipeline system. They are the medical gas outlets of the medical gas pipeline. They are used by healthcare professionals to deliver various medical gases to patients. Gas sockets in DIN (German) Standard have a double safe internal structure. The shut-off valve at the bottom of the socket can be closed with a screwdriver while the system is active. Thus, maintenance can be done without having to stop the gas supply to other outlets. Its main material is brass alloy. Due to its internal structure, these outputs provide high safety.
  • Compressed Air 7 Bar gas outlet is generally used in operating theaters and laboratories and sometimes for sterilization. In recent years, it has also been used in dental clinics. The color of the Compressed Air 7 Bar socket in DIN Standard is black and white. All gas socket models of our company are subjected to leakage tests.
  • Depending on the mounting type, the angles of the Wall Mount, Bedhead Mount, the gas outlet pipe according to the Pendant mounting can be changed, as well as the mounting foot height can be custom made according to the unit height.



  • It fully complies with EN 737: 1 and DIN 13620-2 standards.
  • Gas Type: Compressed Air 7 Bar
  • OD 10 mm copper pipe or pneumatic line output is available.
  • ISO32 color-coded for easy medical gas plug pattern identification
  • 100% tested for flow, leakage, and cleanliness
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Other Standards


  • EN 737-1 (European Standard)
  • AFNOR NF S 90-116 (French Standard)
  • DIN 13260-2 (German Standard)
  • BS 5682 (British Standard)
  • SS 875 24 30 (Svensk Standard)
  • ISO 9170-2 (International Standard)
  • AFROX (South African Standard SANS 1409: 2008)
  • UNI (Italian Standard)

  • NIST EN 739 (International Standard)

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