Medical Vacuum Center 25m³/h x 2pcs

Medical Vacuum Plant 25m³/h x 2pcs

Medical Vacuum Plant 25m³/h x 2pcs

Medical gas area alarm box is a professional design for the hospital. Area alarm box monitors and controls the gas flow of hospitals such as oxygen, vacuum, and medical air. Medical gas area alarm plays a mandatory and vital role in the hospital, to monitor pressure and control medical gas connection.

The area alarm box provides convenience and assistance in the hospital environment as it makes practical control of the gas installation. Because more important situations are experienced in the hospital environment. The medical gas alarm produced with the latest technology has to deliver the right instructions to the right person in a timely and reliable manner. With the alarm box, gas pressure can be monitored as normal, high early warning, high, low, or high low warning


After systematically separating the zones and floors in the hospital, the alarm boxes specially set up for each zone and floor can copy and reflect the alarms in other areas via Ethernet. In this way, the facility can be monitored 24/7 from a single central location.


Notification Systems can also monitor any device with 4-20 mA outputs. It is now possible to measure flows, levels, concentrations, humidity, and other parameters and bring these values ​​to the nearest alarm panel or any networked device.


Users can customize everything from instructions to display brightness. The alarm box is designed to handle any standard and language, even non-Latin alphabets, making it a truly global solution.


Our specially designed Medical Gas Area Alarm box can easily fit old alarms, including MEGA2 and Medipoint models. Retrofit kits are available for almost all current alarm systems.

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