About Us

With the technical staff, widespread technical service, strong financial support and knowledge, to provide the needs of the hospitals which are still active or newly established in the rapidly developing health sector, to provide projecting, sales, commitment and after sales technical services of all kinds of technical infrastructure and units. Tecno-med, hospital construction; has the know-how and experience to offer the latest technology in mechanical and medical gas fields. With the experience of project planning management, our company is capable of meeting the quality time cost requirements of our customers. Starting from this principle, we take the steps of techno-med standards and fulfill our requirements with our consultancy at every stage of the project, from mechanical and medical gas application projects to field supervision and commissioning. In our continuous development journey, we go beyond the expectations of our customers; We offer competitive prices and service support in accordance with our quality standards. Tecno-med, with the popularity of branding; general or special-purpose hospital investments (operating room, intensive care, sterilization etc.), technical infrastructure and device needs of the units can be projected, as well as the realization of the investment, taking the whole project can be carried out, committed to the commitment. Tecno-med, hospital operators are greatly distressed; After sales services in the sale of the products are shown great diligence. In addition to regular technical service facilities and periodic maintenance of the devices under warranty; technical service can be performed in a short time in case of any failure.