Medical Gas Outlet Model GSO1D14

Medical Gas Outlet Model GSO1D14

Medical Gas Outlet Model GSO1D14

Tecno-Med Medical Gas Outlet GSO1D14

Medical Gas sockets are installed at medical gas pipeline service final delivery points. They are the terminal outlets of the medical gas pipeline. They have been used by medical personnel to deliver various medical gases to patients. Two-section exits, basic section and some of the last section. and has a great design with different design.

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Our outlets for O2, N2O, Air, Vac, Air800, AGSS and special gases are available in the herebelow norms:

ENV 737-6 (European Standard)

AFNOR NF S 90-116 (French Standard)

DIN 13260-2 (German Standard)

BS 5682 (British Standard)

SS 875 24 30 (Svensk Standard)

ISO 9170-2 (International Standard)

AFROX (South Africa Standard SANS 1409:2008)

UNI (Italian Standard)

NIST EN 739 (International Standard)French Standard Gas Outlets

AFNOR (French standard) medical gas terminal is installed at the delivery points of medical gas systems. Only AFNOR accepts medical gas adapters. Quick connection (flowmeter, vacuum regulator) Not suitable for different types of gas with different medical gas adapters. Only suitable for AFNOR (French standard) outlets. You can plug it anywhere.


o Gas Type: O2, MEDICAL AIR, VAC, N2O, N2, CO2 are available

o OD 10 mm copper pipeline

o ISO32 color coded for easy medical gas outlet model detection

o Tested for 100% flow, leakage and cleanliness

o Wall mount, bead head mount and pendant mount available

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