Flowmeter DO5

Flowmeter DO5

Flowmeter DO5

Tecno-med offers a choice of medical gas flowmeters to suit all applications - low flow rate in infants and adult flow rate.

The integrated design with well-defined calibrations accurately measures flow. These flowmeters maintain accuracy even when downstream pressure fluctuates.

Easy to use with cannula, nebulizers, humidifiers, masks, medical tents for both hospital and home care facilities. Can be used for oxygen or air. 12 Months Warranty

Oxygen Flowmeter 0-15LPM

Medical Air AIR Air Flowmeter 0-15LPM

Oxygen Flowmeter 0-30LPM

Medical Air Flowmeter 0-30LPM

Weight: 0.4kg

Precision engineering

Pressure-balanced design measures accurate flow

Easy to read

Scratch resistant

Almost shatterproof transparent cover tube

Color coded handwheel

Available as Oxygen flow meter and Air flow meter.

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