Flowmeter DO6

Flowmeter DO6

Flowmeter DO6

Flowmeter, Flowmeter

Flow range: 0-15 lpm. Output connection: Conical nipple.

Static Control

Accumulation of electrostatic charge in flowmeters is a common problem, which often causes the ball to be trapped in the flow tube and thus prevent an accurate reading. The Tecno-med Flowmeter uses the latest materials to ensure that the electrostatic charge dissipates quickly and does not affect its accuracy.

Precision float

Unlike conventional ball and glass-style flowmeters, the Tekno-med Flowmeter includes a precision float with a continuously rotating ball in the gas flow to visually verify that the gas is flowing and the device provides an accurate reading.

Tekno-med Nozzle

Each Tekno-med Flow Meter is equipped with BPR Medical Nozzle and minimizes the known fire risks associated with oxygen therapy. Tekno-med Nozzle can limit the effect of oxygen velocity by automatically stopping oxygen. Automatically isolates the oxygen source that provides the following potential benefits, acting as insurance

Lightweight and Durable

The polycarbonate body extends over a lightweight aluminum body and provides superior durability. Resistant to chemical solutions used in hospital environment.

Easy to Read

The modern includes a white background that makes it easy to read the flow setting.

Compact and

The contemporary design results in a smaller unit that fits more easily into wall-rails that force space.

It makes the flow meter more accurate than flow meters using plastic floats.

reliable and

The flow tube has a lifetime warranty and the needle valve has a five-year warranty.

Wide range of installation options including DIN, DISS and AFNOR and pipeline connection types are available

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