Flowmeter DO7

Flowmeter DO7

Flowmeter DO7

Medical Flowmeter, Flowmeter

The wall-mounted oxygen inhalers are a device mounted on both sides of the clinical observation room or the operating room and can be connected to the central oxygen cylinder and are manufactured for use in connection with the oxygen cylinders in the hospital or patient room or the central medical gas system. Mainly for use in patients with intensive care diseases and after surgery. Also suitable for use in patient rooms.


Polycarbonate housings are extremely durable. They are normally resistant to chemical solutions used in a clinical environment that prevents blurring and spidering. Polycarbonate flow tubes provide durability.

Flowmeters use oxygen black glass flow indicator balls. Precision is ± 5%


Extremely precise needle valves ensure precise flow adjustments the first time.

Easy to use.

Flowmeter, Flowmeter The flow control knob is visible in the operator's view, unlike the damage sensitive side-mount buttons during installation of the additional equipment. The black glass float makes it easy to read the flow rate.


Housings and flow pipes are guaranteed for life and needle valves are guaranteed for two years.

Name Teknomed rail type for oxygen flow meter

Type: Rail mounting

gas O2

Output screw 8mm

Oxygen flow range 1-10L / min, 1-15L / min

Output pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa

Valve Material: Brass

OEM okay

Accuracy 4th grade

Medical Gas Norms


Bottle material


Humidifier capacity


Delivery 15-25 DAYS

Warranty 1 year

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