Flowmeter DO8

Flowmeter DO8

Flowmeter DO8

Double flowmeters and Flowmeters: deliver oxygen or medical air to two separate flowmeters from a wall outlet that gives users the flexibility to add another flowmeter, hose, or vent. The integrated design saves space, reduces costs, and allows healthcare providers to have a flowmeter where and when they need it.

Features / Benefits

Combination of two outlets to provide an easy and effective solution to expand the hospital gas distribution system

Medical oxygen is the safest way to distribute medical gas and air.

Pressure is constant and accurate flow values

Separately tested for accuracy, Flowtubes, high-precision stainless display ensures maximum repeatability

Complete needle valve mounting kits and spare parts kits available for easy maintenance.

Double scale eliminates optical distortion

Eliminates the chaos on the front panel, saves space and is easy to maintain

Cost effective alternative to add new medical gas outlets

Provides flexibility to bring your gas delivery closer to the patient

Nickel-plated solid brass housing, DISS outlet thread with protection edge

Knob and needle valve stops to prevent complete disassembly of the entire component

Prevents wear and tear on gas outlets

Suitable for all gases

Compatible with all medical gas outlets

Can be mounted on any equipment rail or mounting hardware

Complies with all health care regulations

Optional 50 psi additional outlet pressure

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